Human Services

"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others." It's difficult to disagree with Gandhi's statement of life, but even harder to make it your life's work. As a Human Service organization, you've accepted life's grand challenge to place doing what's right, over what's convenient.

At CTG, we share your passion for professionally serving others and believe that we can support a more meaningful social impact by helping you focus on what matters most.

Our Distinctions

Simply put, these are the three unique qualities that positively differentiate Caudill Thornquist Group from any other independent agency in the insurance industry.

The CTG Experience

At Caudill Thornquist Group, we have a passion for supporting your impact and we believe that 'The CTG Experience" will help you focus on what matters most. This proven process will ensure a simplified experience for your organizational leaders, while actively developing a comprehensive insurance plan with a trusted advisor.

Experience the Difference

Is It Worth Reviewing Your Coverage?

As you know how we feel about insurance, the short answer is - YES, of course it is always worth reviewing your coverage. Maybe a better question would be: what is your current coverage worth? At CTG, we are passionate about supporting a lasting impact for those who make a difference. If you're share our passion, then check out our 5 Reasons to review your plan. P.S. we advise reviewing your plan on an annual basis.