Invited to serve on a nonprofit board? Asking this question could save your neck

    The CTG Team | 5.1.17     When do we meet? How much time will I have to commit? What would be my responsibilities? Do I have to help raise money? Those are all good questions to ask when you’ve been invited to serve on a nonprofit board. But one question is absolutely vital: Do you […]

Spring into Events… Safely

   A. Spencer Koulchar | 4.10.17 As we’ve officially turned the calendar corner into spring, it’s actually starting to feel a lot more like spring.  In relationship with the season, there is a lot of excitement in the air and on the minds of many of us, myself included.  Some of these might be trying […]

A Personal Property Conundrum

    Anton | 2.22.17  A Personal Property Conundrum My wife and I recently sold the first house we ever bought.  After six years, we are packing up and moving on.  It wasn’t until I opened the door to my basement storage, that I realized how much “stuff” we had accumulated over the years.  Being […]