About the Caudill Thornquist Group

To serve those who serve. This has been our mission since 1977.

“Serving those who serve” has been our mission since 1977. After attending a Deacon’s meeting at Flint Baptist Temple, Ralph Caudill Sr. saw a need for an insurance agency dedicated to churches. At age 38, Ralph left a successful career in the automotive industry to establish Caudill Insurance, his true calling. The company grew to become one of the largest specialty agencies in the state of Michigan.

As an expert in Ministry Risk Management, Ralph served on the Advisory Board to many of the most prominent church insurers in the nation. Now, the Caudill Thornquist Group, we are still a family operated agency and have expanded our services to include non-profits, commercial business, and charitable individuals alike. Peace of mind is a constant need and for decades our team has provided exactly that to institutions across the Midwest. We are at your service.

We are at your service.